If anyone has been to our brewery they know or at least recognize Damon. It’s hard not to. With a sick hat and more bling on his hands than you’d think could possibly fit, he’s hard to miss.

Damon is a legend in our brewery, and not just for his interesting taste in music. The guy is as dependable as it gets. Whatever is asked of him, he gets it done. I haven’t taken enough data, but it’s hard for me to believe that anyone has cleaned and racked more kegs than him.

It’s no secret at our brewery that everybody’s favorite day is Friday. Most of the work for the week is done by then and it’s just clean up and dock sales. Staying for dock sales can be tough because it is so hit and miss. Does the customer want a case to go or are they going to the Brew House down the street to quench their thirst? It varies every week.

Damon is the last one out the door every Friday to take care of our customers. Last week, a regular came by an hour after hours and asked Damon if we were still open as he was walking to his car. Damon just smiled and said “For you? We sure are!”

To make a brewery work it takes an army, and Damon is no ordinary soldier. For that we are grateful. Thank you Damon, for all that you do.