Crimson Dawn

Here at Cascade Lakes we have a variety of beers to warm you up for the winter, but we’re really excited about our new India Red Ale, Crimson Dawn. Packed with Warrior, Centennial, and Amarillo hops, this balanced winter warmer is best enjoyed by the fireplace or with a friend at the bar. Deceptively sleighable at 7.6% ABV and 53 IBU’s, please remember to plan accordingly when going out to enjoy.

Who came up with this beautiful concoction of malty, caramel base flavor with a floral, citrus aroma? None other than our crimson-bearded brew stud, Blaine. Blaine has been with us since starting his brewing journey and the taste of Crimson Dawn shows how far he’s come as a brewer. We love Crimson Dawn almost as much as we love Blaine, which says quite a bit about this beer.