Bend Resilience Fest               Chris Baus            Volunteers

The Bend Resilience Beer Fest last weekend was a huge success with 18 breweries from the Central Oregon area coming together to raise funds for the Camp Fire Relief Fund. For those that don’t know, Resilience IPA was created by Sierra Nevada Brewing of Chico, CA to help those suffering from losses at the hands of California’s Camp Fire. Over 1,500 breweries across the nation have come together to brew Resilience IPA and donate 100 percent of sales to the Relief Fund.

One fun highlight of the event was an auction of three 3L magnum bottles of Celebration Ale, Sierra Nevada’s fresh-hopped IPA. Our fearless leader, Chris Justema, was joined by Gary Fish of Deschutes and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada to auction them off. Each bottle went for over $1,500, with the last going for $2,100!! The fest was a resounding success, and we thank the amazing people of Central Oregon for making this happen!

Crimson Dawn

Here at Cascade Lakes we have a variety of beers to warm you up for the winter, but we’re really excited about our new India Red Ale, Crimson Dawn. Packed with Warrior, Centennial, and Amarillo hops, this balanced winter warmer is best enjoyed by the fireplace or with a friend at the bar. Deceptively sleighable at 7.6% ABV and 53 IBU’s, please remember to plan accordingly when going out to enjoy.

Who came up with this beautiful concoction of malty, caramel base flavor with a floral, citrus aroma? None other than our crimson-bearded brew stud, Blaine. Blaine has been with us since starting his brewing journey and the taste of Crimson Dawn shows how far he’s come as a brewer. We love Crimson Dawn almost as much as we love Blaine, which says quite a bit about this beer.


We are very proud to say we will be joining Sierra Nevada and hundreds of other breweries across the country to brew Resilience IPA and donating all proceeds to the Camp Fire relief fund! We are honored to take part of this special movement and be a part of such an amazing community.

Resilience will be brewed Tuesday, November 27th and hitting our pubs in late December. We’d also like to thank Cascade West Ale House and Tumalo Tavern for putting the beer on as well.

Winter is here and we at Cascade Lakes could not be more excited. Last night’s Pass Party was a real hit – thanks to everyone for joining us and congratulations to the lucky winner! According to the lucky lady it was the first time she had ever won anything. We’re happy to be a part of her first big W and hope the string of luck continues. Hope you enjoyed the night and will join us next year. Keep snow dancing!

Where to Go Apres Ski

You don’t have to spend much time at the Lodge to know when we’re not at work, we’re at the mountain. It’s truly a special sight in the winter with snow pants, boots, and ski jackets galore. With lots of delicious beers to choose from and burgers to chow on, we think it’s a perfect place to end your day on the slopes.

We’ve been capping off our fun in the snow at the Lodge for years, and the Bend Bulletin has been kind enough to recognize us for it. Use the link below to vote for us as “Best Place to Go Apres Ski), we’d really appreciate it! –> Food –> where to GO! apres ski

If anyone has been to our brewery they know or at least recognize Damon. It’s hard not to. With a sick hat and more bling on his hands than you’d think could possibly fit, he’s hard to miss.

Damon is a legend in our brewery, and not just for his interesting taste in music. The guy is as dependable as it gets. Whatever is asked of him, he gets it done. I haven’t taken enough data, but it’s hard for me to believe that anyone has cleaned and racked more kegs than him.

It’s no secret at our brewery that everybody’s favorite day is Friday. Most of the work for the week is done by then and it’s just clean up and dock sales. Staying for dock sales can be tough because it is so hit and miss. Does the customer want a case to go or are they going to the Brew House down the street to quench their thirst? It varies every week.

Damon is the last one out the door every Friday to take care of our customers. Last week, a regular came by an hour after hours and asked Damon if we were still open as he was walking to his car. Damon just smiled and said “For you? We sure are!”

To make a brewery work it takes an army, and Damon is no ordinary soldier. For that we are grateful. Thank you Damon, for all that you do.

Colder Beer at 7th Street!

In the past couple weeks we’ve taken the time to dust off our pubs. Well, maybe a little more than that. We did a deep clean of both restaurants – shoutout to our amazing employees who came in early to make it happen. Barstools replaced, decorations dusted, and the kitchen looks brand new.

Because of these cleanings, we are proud to say our beer at the Redmond 7th St Brew House will now be served 8-10 degrees colder. We fixed our CO 2 tank, replaced the tap lines, re-arranged the refrigeration unit, and repaired the door. Don’t believe us? Stop by 7th St and take a look (and taste) of our beer in those frosty mugs. Again, a HUGE thank you to all of our employees that made this happen. Now get on down to 7th St for some great, COLD BEER!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at CLBC. Take a quick glance around the Lodge or Brew House and you can find dozens of decorations, from carved pumpkins to spooky skeletons, witches brooms to pumpkin streamers, spooky season is alive and well at CLBC.

To celebrate this special holiday, we had employee pumpkin carving contests at both restaurants. You can vote for the best pumpkin by going to the front desk and writing which pumpkin you think is best! They’re definitely worth a look. Safe to say we have some pretty creative people here.

Want to bag the trick and just get a treat? Visit our pubs for our first ever pumpkin ale, “SMaSHed Pumpkin”. Coming in at 5.5% ABV and 25 IBU’s, this brew has cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and of course, pumpkin. Brewed for our long-time Halloween-loving rockstar, Violet, this beer is scary crushable. Cheers!