GG P Kush

Here at Cascade Lakes, we know how important it is to transfer your beer from tap to you. Whether it be our classic 20oz imperial pint glass, 12oz snifter, taster, or goblet, the beer is only as good as it’s presented.

At home this still rings true. We were lucky enough to be sent these awesome samples from Groovy Groomsmen. Look how great that beer looks! They offer several other great options for men in wedding parties that will have you and your crew enjoying Cascade Lakes brew as it should be.

Their sister site, Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique is a great option for any Bachelorette party as well – go check them out! Speaking of which, we’d throw our hat in the ring to host yours – just give us a call and you can be crushin’ Kush through your vessel of choice in no time.