About Us


Andrew Rhine

Director of Brewing Operations

4T2A7579From Sunriver in Central Oregon and a Bend High graduate, Andy Rhine oversees the operations of the brewery among other responsibilities. He began his career at the nexus of engineering and home brewing.

At the elite Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, Andy began his engineering education. He went on to positions as a process engineer and quality manager while home-brewing on the side.

While Andy helped launch a new manufacturing plant one of his past employers, his capital projects at Cascade Lakes Brewing Company were different. “My first day at Cascade Lakes, we had a major restaurant cleaning party,” he said. “We cleaned every nook and cranny of the place. We found lots of loose change, so that was nice, and pizza and beer are always a good way to end a good day of work.”

At work, Andy is motivated by  integrity, respect, people, and safety. “I will never allow an employee to do something I’m not comfortable doing myself,” Andy said. “Teamwork makes the dream work and it takes an army to complete a goal.”

Beyond the brewery, Andy likes hiking, skiing and being outside with friends and family.

Favorite style of beer. “Pale ale, but pilsner is rising in the ranks.”


20190604_115457Chris Justema

Partner and President

Originally from Southern Oregon, Chris spent three years in Seattle with Gallo Winery before moving to Bend in 2000. Under his role as president of Cascade Lakes Brewing, Chris spends his days, managing operations, quarterbacking the team, even bartending. In January 2019, Chris co-founded the Sierra Nevada Resilience Beer Festival in Bend, Oregon. This event brought together 19 Central Oregon breweries and benefited the folks of Paradise, California, whose lives were uprooted by the devastating Camp Fire. The festival raised more than $40,000 in one day by “drinking beer with our neighbors,” Chris said.

At Cascade Lakes Brewing for 17 years, Chris tries to make every day a great one. “My goal is to have that rub off on our team members and then trickle down to our customers.” Ultimately, he strives to deliver a superior product with a smile.

When he’s not managing or bartending, Chris loves skiing, tennis, golf, mountain biking, soccer and anything après. With two student-athlete daughters, Chris and his wife, Elizabeth, spend a lot time cheering for their volleyball, soccer and cross-country running teams. Chris also sits on the non-profit board for The Office Group, mentoring high school-aged youth in Central Oregon. We also love to support the FirstStory.org, a charitable giving arm of Hayden Homes.

Favorite style of beer. Pale ale and pilsner


Ryan Schmiege


4T2A8224Ryan’s first beer came as a spelling quiz. When he was 13 and hanging out at a lake in Minnesota, his father asked him to go get two beers for himself and a friend. Ryan said he would, if he could have one. “My father’s buddy, Phil, said, `You can have one if you can spell, Leinenkugel’s.’ I nailed it and earned myself my first approved beer.”

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Ryan spent the past 15 years as the assistant brewmaster at Deschutes Brewery before coming on board at Cascade Lakes Brewing. Now as brewmaster, he is primarily responsible for the quality and continual improvement of the current portfolio of beers while working with the production team to develop new beers.

Innovation in brewing has long been Ryan’s passion. In 2011, he created a barrel aged stout—Bourbon Murder—that took a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Over the years, he has become a leading voice in anything barrel aged. At Deschutes, Ryan developed a line of whiskies and subsequently presented at the Master Brewers Association of Americas national conference.

While his expertise may lie in beer, his professional work ethics skew more cheesehead. “I value the greatest sporting franchise to ever exist, the Green Bay Packers,” Ryan said. “I apply the collaboration I see my team use to all operations at the brewery. Team over individual.”

Once a student at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, Ryan has a son currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse, both schools a maddingly long drive from the Packers’ Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

In Central Oregon, Ryan loves canoeing, camping, gardening and exploring Scotch in his free time.

Favorite style of beer: “As a wiser man once said, `That which is closest at hand.’”



Scott Driggs

National Sales Manager

Originally from Orangevale, California, northeast of Sacramento. Scott started working in the business when he was 18. His friend asked him if he wanted to make some extra money moving kegs at the Cal Expo Amphitheatre Concert Series. He had had no idea it would lead to an amazing career in the beer industry.

After Orangevale, Scott went on to various beer industry sales positions in San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and, now, Portland, where he has been for the past 20 years. He came on board with Cascade Lakes Brewing in 2011 and opened new territories across the Pacific Northwest and now manages wholesale beverage sales in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, as well as key account calls on all off-premise chain, C-store and on-premise accounts.

“You have to work your ass off, and you’ll be successful,” Scott said. “If you’re in, you’re in 100 percent.”

Outside of beer sales, he loves hanging with and traveling with his family—especially when it involves a beach, great beer and good music. It was at that intersection of beer and music and his summer job at the Cal Expo Amphitheater, that Scott got to see performances by The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan with Tom Petty, AC/DC, Santana, The Scorpions, Page & Plant, Dire Straits … and Milli Vanilli. With so many musical influences, it’s no surprise that Scott is also the company’s best dancer. 

Favorite style of beer: IPA  



Camille Risdal

Secret Weapon

From Milnor, North Dakota, Camille first set foot in Oregon in 2002.  A co-worker and friend at Glacier National Park persuaded her to take a side-trip to Bend. She loved it and immediately put her credentials up for a rental house. When she hadn’t heard a response, she took the train back to North Dakota. A week later, she got the call and moved to Bend.

Over the past 13 years, Camille has worked her way up the ranks, starting out as a seasonal host, while working summers in Glacier National Park and winters at Mt. Bachelor. A jill of all trades, Camille manages Cascade Lakes Brewing’s distribution chains, inventory management, special events and social media. Camille said that hard work and dedication have been at the heart of her professional life at the brewery. How did she become the Secret Weapon? Camille held too many titles and had too many responsibilities to fit on a business card, so all of her titles merged into Secret Weapon.

After work, Camille and her husband indulge their passion for the outdoors and their dogs—camping, hiking, standup paddling and spoiling her labs, Ripley and Gracie.  

Favorite style of beer: IPA or American pale ale



TJ  Pressey

Executive Manager

Originally from Idaho, TJ was raised in Corvallis, before moving to Bend in 1996. She came on board with Cascade Lakes Brewing in 2013, and wears many hats from working with multiple owners to bill paying, managing retail apparel and everything in between. “I dabble in all of it,” she said. “I try to be especially aware of everything in between!” Professionally, TJ takes ownership of projects to ensure that they are done right. “Integrity wins!” she said.

Outside of work, TJ enjoys all things outdoors including: concerts, tennis, camping, paddleboarding and travel. She and her husband are Neighborhood Coordinators for the Bend Food Project, and TJ has also been a mentor at Bend High for the past several years.

Favorite style of beer.  Light fruity beers are the best!





Katie Quittschreiber

General manager

20190618_140932Originally from the metropolis of Pearl City, Illinois, population 800, Katie moved to Bend in 2018 after spending two summer seasons in Sisters and Camp Sherman, where she escaped Portland traffic.

Her Midwestern roots taught her the value of hard work. She watched her parents working hard to provide a well-balanced lifestyle for her and her brother. “My mom always told me to treat others how you want to be treated. That’s my style of management,” Katie said.

Katie had held many positions within the food and beverage industry, starting at the bottom and working her way up, learning and growing personally and professionally with every move. She was hired “from the outside” as Cascade Lakes general manager in April 2019, and is responsible for the Lodge’s staff and guest experience.  “I love this fit and am super stoked to be working with this team,” she said.

Outside of work, Katie gets social. “I’m single and ready to mingle! Just kidding. Kind of,” she said. Until she meets the new object of desire, her ongoing passions are for CrossFit and Bikram yoga. New hobbies include skiing, which she just learned, camping, fishing and pickleball to “practice for retirement.”

Matchmakers beware. Katie hates Easter grass, Tootsie Rolls, grape-flavored foods or beverages. Find someone who enjoys a good scrambled egg and peanut butter sandwich, and she’s found her match.

Favorite style of beer: I grew up on Busch Light … so I like light beers. Cascade Lakes Kolsch is my new favorite.




Valerie Schlemma

Manager 7th Street Brew House

Valerie hopped over the Cascades from Portland to Central Oregon in 2001. In her first days at Cascade Lakes, she took on additional shifts in the kitchen to get extra hours but got nervous the first time while cooking with the veteran cook, Buffy. “I was scared shitless,” Valerie said.

During her early employment years, Valerie was a self-employed hairdresser before moving to Central Oregon. Those years prepared her for the next step. “I know my early roots conditioned me to value my position at 7th Street Brew House,” she said. “I treat this business as if it were my own.”

When she’s not managing 7th Street Brew House, Valerie loves hanging out with her husband and their Jack Russell-Chihuahua mixes Buzzy, Bella & Vito and Rita the Lab. In the outdoors (and indoors), Valerie loves to play golf, watch the Rams and Bears and plays fantasy football. Last year, she took second in the 7th Street Fantasy League.

Favorite beer style: IPA




Ben Baumeister

On-premises Sales Manager

20190624_074036Ben was raised in Northampton, Massachusetts but moved to Portland in 2008 to be closer to family. As the on-premises sales manager, Ben pitches in on everything where he can make a positive impact.

Since joining Cascades Lakes Brewing, he has become a valuable team member.  He has gotten ahead by being honest and treating others with respect. In this business,” he said, “water is your friend.” This lesson came quickly after his first day at Cascade Lakes, which, he said, was accompanied by consuming many pints of Blonde Bombshell. “Strategy at its best,” he quipped.

Outside of the brewery, he likes to ski, to travel and spend time with family and friends.

Favorite style of beer: Saison, sours and, of course, bourbon-barrel-aged beers